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Artisan Soap with EVOO and Karite 100 gr

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Artisan Soap with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Karite

1 Bar of 100 gr

Bar of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Soap made by hand with a base of Shea butter.

A traditional and essential product in our daily cleanliness, which perfectly combines the excellent antioxidant properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil together with the intense and lasting moisturizing and nourishing power of Shea Butter.


Artisan Bar of Soap of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Karite


Thanks to its Extra Virgin Olive Oil base, it has a moisturizing and antioxidant action; restores elasticity to the skin and relieves itching and burning, as well as rashes or sunburn. Shea butter is a powerful cell regenerator rich in vitamins A, D, E and F that nourishes and restores the natural elasticity of the skin and prevents aging.

It comes in a solid, rectangular tablet, with a soft touch and a very fresh and pleasant aroma. Although it is indicated for the hygiene of the whole body, this moisturizing and creamy foam soap is perfect for hands that are prone to dryness and that wash frequently.


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